Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 21, 2008

Back in Panama

20.9.08 Last night I flew into Panama.  Stanly, the taxi driver was at the airport to pick me up and at 1130 I came aboard. The first thing I noticed was that the boat was dry. The de-humidifiers I rented did their job perfectly, worth every penny or cent or whatever.

In the morning I took the marina’s bus and went to the supermarket to stock up. Back on the boat the most urgent task was washing her to remove all the bird droppings that accumulated in the two month I was absent. This took quite a long time, during which I found out that the broom has a telescopic handle and that for the last 18 month or so I was breaking my back unnecessarily. Also, having finished, I suddenly remembered that I have a power washer on board. Wake up, Miki!


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