Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 25, 2008

Gone Fishing

24.9.08  The few last days were spent slaving on the boat. When I sat for dinner at the marina’s restaurant two days ago, I ordered the Mahi Mahi that is on the menu. Alas! No Mahi! I made the decision to go out and catch a fish by myself. It will also be a “test flight” after two month of inactivity and I surely I was going to find a few things that will have to be repaired.

Out of the Colon breakwater I motored, opened up the sails and after passing the ships anchored near it released the red and white Rapala lure. I figured my best chance will be past the shelf where the bottom descends sharply to greater depth, but 4 miles before it there was a strike. Big fish – but as I tightened the friction nut on the reel and started pulling it in – the fish disappeared. Never mind! There will be another one.  And indeed there was!



This was certainly the longest fish I had ever taken, measuring 1.3 meters. According to my regular policy to fish for food and not just for fun, I stopped fishing and turned back to the marina. Inside the harbour a flight of 9 pelicans in tight formation passed me at low altitude, the freezer was full – I was content. (And of course I had a new list of things to take care of…)


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