Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 28, 2008

Rigging and Sails Check

27.9.08  One of the things I decided to do in preparation for the Pacific voyage is a rigging and sails check by a professional. (Rigging – for the non sailing reader – is the name of all that supports the mast and sails). Luckily I found one. He is Richard Brooker, a Canadian, who lives on a 39′ catamaran he built himself, in one of the marinas in Colon. His business here is riggings but he used to work for Doyle sails in Trinidad and so is the perfect man for the job.

Richard the rigger

Richard the rigger

Richard did his work methodically and when descending down the mast, found out the reason for the trouble I had with the mainsail cars and the headboard: the two upper track sections were damaged and could not hold the cars under strain. They will, of course, have to be replaced and Richard will do it when I come back from San Blas.  This will give him enough time to import the parts from the U.S. this, by the way, is another thing he is doing – importing things yachts people need. He gets dealers (lower) prices and promised to check Autopilot components prices for me. All the other items he checked passed with flying colors, very reassuring. Richard’s phone is 66689758, e mail: .

After Richard went away, an annoying drizzle set in. I could do nothing outside, so passed my time reading,  “Hearts in Atlantis” by Stephen King and “Landfalls of Paradise” a cruising guide to the Pacific islands.

In the afternoon the rain stopped and I accomplished a long neglected job – cleaning and polishing with Brasso the stainless steel bimini structure and other SS parts around the boat. Work, work work and no play…


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