Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 23, 2008

Alone again…

22.10.08 – The six miles from Rio Chagres to the entrance of Colon harbour are sailed hugging the coast in relatively shallow water. Not the best conditions for trolling, or so I thought. Moshe wanted to try (he has got the fishing bug BIG TIME). Half an hour later we had a nice Wahoo on board. A fitting finishing touch for two weeks of a successful trip for Moshe and Ilana.

They left a bit after mid-day and I was single on the boat again, “alone but not lonely” as I say from time to time. I decided to postpone the crossing by three days in order to make sure that my lower back is back to normal, try and arrange a crew of linehandlers from the local cruising community and have  time to service my liferaft. Strangly enough, when I asked Bruce, the marina’s yard manager about liferaft service, he suggested I speak to Stanley, our trusty driver, who is a man of all trades – Driver, Agent and General Yacht services provider.

Kevin helped me take the liferaft down to the dock, my French neigbour put it on a wheel-barrow for me, I do wish this back problem go away soon!


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