Posted by: catamarantwooceans | November 16, 2008

Quick dash home

11.11.08 – In the morning Ran and I took a taxi into town. We went to Islamorada, a shop for charts and sailing guides, then to a chandlery and a laundry place. Back at the marina, I sat at “Brannigan’s” to check e-mail. I was feeling  bad about being so far from my mother, not knowing what her situation really was. It occured to me that my next crew is joining on the 21st so I could fly to Israel for a few days and be back to meet them on time. I tried purchasing airline tickets on the web but they didn’t like my credit card. So my daughter in California did it for me. Gili’s daughter in New York arranged my booking with El Al to Tel Aviv. I was set with the flights, but where do I leave the boat? I called Balboa yacht club  and they said they had no mooring available and a waiting list of 8 yachts.    I even checked at Flamenco marina (120$ a day!) but they also did not have space available for the dates I wanted. In a way I was relieved, decided to leave “Two Oceans” in the bay and have somebody watch her for me. I already had two anchors down so was confident she was secure in place. Right next to me there was a red steel boat called Genesis, on which a German couple – Ali and Gerti – lived. They are the parents of Eric Bauhaus who wrote the best Panama sailing guide there is. Really first class. I came up to their yacht and hailed Ali. He came out of the cabin, long hair and beard waving in the wind .



I explained my problem and when he heard I came from Israel his eyes lit up. “I was there for three and a half years! I have a lot of friends there!” We immediately found that we had a lot of mutual acquaintances. Ali agreed to keep an eye on my boat and also to take me ashore in the morning. I gave away all the food I had in my fridge and freezer, Ran will put my laundry in the boat – I was ready to go.

12-13.11.08 – Panama city – Atlanta – La Guardia – Tel Aviv, 29 hours after stepping ashore I landed in Israel. Mother back at home, feeling better. I was happy I made the decision to come.

15.11.08 – Called Ran who told me they had a 40 knots squall in the bay. My boat was O.K but Clause’s Wharram Pahi 31 dragged from her anchorage and was thrown onto the marina’s breakwater. They worked for hours (all night?)  to take her down. fortunately, not a lot of damage.


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