Posted by: catamarantwooceans | December 3, 2008

To Costa Rica – part 2

30.11.08  – If you sit in the comfort of your home reading this and seeing me complain that it is still raining it may bore you. Same old thing again and again. For us on the boat it brings other emotions. to quote Avner:”Do you know what the word Annoying means?”. Well, it is annoying to be confined to the interior of the boat unless you want to become soaking wet. It’s getting damp and smelly inside and you cannot open any hatch for a little ventilation. The views around you are grey and misty, you can imagine their beauty but cannot really see it. And the most annoying thing is that you don’t see the end of it! In the morning I saw that the dinghy had about 15 cm of water in it. I had to empty it before trying to lift the dinghy out of the water. I put on my bathing trunks, took a portable pump and started working on it. After I lifted the dinghy up and secured it on the aft platform, I gave it a good cleaning and then went to the fore deck, soaped myself and showered in the rain. Avner and Yael spent the night at his friend’s house and were not expected before 1000. It meant that we are losing a day in our itinerary unless we do an overnight staright to Golfito, Costa Rica. The idea of sailing at night in conditions like we were experiencing was not appealing at all, so instead we motored, for there was almost no wind, to the island of Parida, 8 miles away, thus gaining some distance in the right direction for tomorrow. We entered the northeastern U shaped bay in rain and 800 meters visibility and dropped our anchor. It is still raining…raining…raining!


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