Posted by: catamarantwooceans | February 3, 2009

Back on the boat

1.2.09 – Sunday – In the six weeks I spent at home I did a lot of preparations for the “Long voyage”: Costa Rica – Galapagos – Marquesas. The first item was selecting the third man. Steve, who underwent a succesful back surgery has commited himself already. The word “selecting” implies picking between a multitude of suitable candidates begging to join. Unfortunateloy this was not the case. A young guy who got my number from a friend called and said he was interested. We arranged to meet in Herzllia marina. He was more than 20 minutes late and didn’t think of calling to let me know. He was an experienced sailor and seemed to be a nice fellow. After I gave him all the relevant information, he promised to call me back on January 15th or thereabouts. The call never came…An interesting one was Yaniv; ex marine commando, crossed the atlantic as a young man and is now doing his doctorate in marine biology. We met and had a nice talk but after checking with his academic advisor he called to say that the timetable was not suitable for his plans. He may join for another leg. I met two other guys; Joel,and Motke. Both seemed to be nice guys and I was willing to take them both to one leg or another. It turned out that my preference and theirs coincided. I wanted to take Motke, who has sailing experience, for the long leg and have Joel, who is much less experienced, come to the Marquesas. All was agreed, Steve and I had meetings with both candidates and I flew to New York, on the way to the boat, content that the crew matter was settled. Checking my e mail I found one from Steve:”Motke called and said that unforseen personal matters make it impossible for him to join”. Oh well! Back to square one. Steve will keep on looking and if no one is found, we shall do it as a two man crew.

We also did a lot of planning regarding technical spares, food and water quantities, navigation, comunication and so on and so forth.  Another matter was trying to arrange the tour in the Galapagos.

This was all very interesting but I longed to be back on the boat… Bad planning had me land in San Jose after all the flights and busses to Golfito departed so I had to spend a night in a hotel. Best Western in downtown was not bad but the town itself was not so inviting. I was glad to go on the bus the next morning for a 7 hours ride with a few  uro-logical stops on the way. I boarded “Two Oceans” at 1430 and immediately started working cleaning and putting the ship in order. Later I saw Chris and Anita on “Padma”  and they told me that in the evening everybody will come to Banana Bay marina to watch the Super Bowl.  I went for the food/drink and company but left at the start of the 4th period, which turned out to be the high point of the game.

2.2.09 – Monday – I arranged to meet with Robert, a local mechanic who knows watermakers at 0830.  Robert turned out to be a quiet man who entered the space where the watermaker is, grunting, huffing and puffing he started working.



From time to time he uttered some words that had me seesaw between hope and dispair. Will it work or won’t it? Robert found out that a spring in the pressure regulator was broken. This is a stainless steel spring and not readily available. He improvised, using the bigger piece of the broken spring and  it worked! We actually made water and drank it!

While Roberto was at work with me helping, I thought I heard my name being called. Went out and surprise! Ran with Poncho (his dog) on his Beneteau 473,  just in from Panama.

Ran and Poncho

Ran and Poncho

3.2.09 – Tuesday –  My friend Doron, who sailed with me in October 07 in Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago is coming tomorrow. I spent the morning hours cleaning his cabin and serviced the head (toilet…)  Changed spark plugs in the outboard, went shopping for a few thing I needed and later in the afternoon went into the water to check the hull and propellers situation. I expected to see barnacles but the quantity was way over my worse nightmares. I started scraping and immediately cut a finger on the razor sharp creatures. Why did I not think of gloves? Cleaned both props and one hull. I’ll do the next one tomorrow.


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