Posted by: catamarantwooceans | March 28, 2009

A Hectic Day

27.3.09 – Friday – At night I was turning restlessly in my bed, thinking about solutions for the propeller problem. At 0530 I was already on the boat, the hardware on the table in front of me. I did all I could and made a lot of progress but still needed some help. Even though I knew he had a very busy day ahead, I was sure Roberto would help me. I went over to “Undersea Hunter”where Roberto, with patience, dexterity and a smile fixed the thing. What a guy! The props were OK now but I had to find new screws to replace the damaged ones. I went through four Ferreterias, hardware stores, and none had 1/4″ stainless steel, fine thread allen screws… I ended up manufacturing them out of regular 1/4” bolts that I had on board, sawing them to the right size and then making a cut  for the screwdriver on top. In between I had to go to the customs office in Caldera, to get the extension for the boat’s stay in Costa rica, “I spoke to my friend, Mr. Soto, he said everything will be all right. Give  some tip for him, it is expected”. I gave Carlos 10000 colonas, a bit less than 20$, for Mr. Soto and prepared to take a bus or a taxi. “Wait 5 minutes, I will take you myself” said Carlos. We brought the necessary paperwork, including a letter explaining we had a mechanical problem, have to bring parts from abroad and requesting 30 more days. Mr, Soto was nowhere to be seen, presumably attending some important meeting. Other custom officers took the papers, studied them for a long time.Then another officer would join stretching the process even more. Finally, after a positive decision was reached, a problem with the copying machine threatened the whole operation. I just sat there in a fatalistic mood, until the all important document was handed to us. I told Carlos to keep the tip for himself, in appreciation for his help, but he declined saying he will give it to Soto anyway as a future investment. Back at the yacht club I started installing the propellers, trying to work methodically, by the manufacturer’s instructions. I was so nervous and fearfull of not finishing the job before high water, tools and parts kept falling from my grasp. Slowly, with Miguel helping, the job was done. Let’s hope my improvisation will hold! Actually, no reason it shouldn’t. The launching was a stressfull affair too, the guys did not turn the trailer’s axle enough and had “Two Oceans”come perilously close to a stone wall. I was put on a mooring with a water pipe from shore. That’s good because I need to wash the boat again.


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