Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 25, 2009

To Moorea

21.9.09 – Monday – Ramon, the mechanic surprised me by coming to the marina 10 minutes ahead of time. He checked the starter and gave his diagnosis:” It’s the brushes”. He dismantled it to take it with him to the shop. He thought he will be able to finish the job in the afternoon but delayed it for the next day.

22.9.09 – Tuesday – After delaying his arrival a few times, Ramon finally came at 1400. After a small confusion with the starter relay’s wires the job was done and I had a fully functioning engine again. Other problems: a small leak from the port fuel tank, the same one that was welded in the Turks and Caicos – will have to wait until we get to Raiatea,in the meantime I plugged the locker drain and am sponging and storing the fuel in old 5 litre plastic water containers. Another frustrating thing is that the C-Map program I have, that worked perfectly on the trip from Taravao the Papeete – refuses to come on. We’ll see about that later.

Gili, my wife, Yael, my daughter and Nir her partner came on Air Tahiti Nui flight at 1810 after spending 23 hours on airplanes plus 6 hours on the ground. We went to the “Casa Blanca” restaurant in the marina and called it a night.

23.9.09 – Wednesday – Buying stuff for the next week in the big Carrefour mega store took up most of the morning. Tahiti is EXPENSIVE! But you get real good products. In the afternoon we took the bus to the “Tahiti and it’s islands” museum. The subject is interesting but the display was not so great. Back to the boat to gorge ourselves on the excellent entrecote we bought in the morning. We considered renting a car and driving around Tahiti, but after seeing the dense traffic on the roads we decided against it. We will go to Moorea tomorrow.

24.9.09 – Thursday – Filled the water tanks and went out towards Moorea. Light southwesterly and calm seas at the start but on the horizon we could see wind effect on the water. As we got nearer the wind started fluctuating in direction and then blew from the east, rapidly reaching 28 knots before we could even say the word “REEF”. It took a while for us to sort thing out and we ended sailing fast with 3 reefs, some big waves hitting the starboard hull, sending spray right into the cockpit. Maximum wind was 32 knots true. Gili retired to our cabin, Yael – who was not feeling well at all – lay on a wet towel in the cockpit. Nir and I were near the helm when we spotted a large cigar shape emerging vertically from the surface about 500 meters away, splashing down mightily. A whale!  Yael scrambled to her feet and was able to see the huge Leviathan repeat the performance twice more. Wow!

Just a bit later, Nir went into their cabin and was surprised to see that the bed was soaking wet! A quick check found the cause. The side hatch in the fore-peak was open!  I opened it a few days ago to have the space ventilated and forgot all about it. Mea Culpa!  All those big waves found their way in! We’ll have a big job drying it all.

We entered Cook’s bay on the north-east of Moorea, where a cruise ship, two mega-yachts and a few regular yachts were at anchor. We dropped ours at the head of the bay in 12 meters on mud and sat down for lunch. The wind kept gusting from different directions and I noticed that we were dragging. Tried re-anchoring but the wind told me that I needed to  add another anchor. I changed location and attached the second anchor to the main chain about 5 meters from the main one. Dropped them both down and waited for the peak gust to check the arrangement. Aeolos cooperated by bringing up a 35 knots gust. Boat holds position, I’ll be able to sleep soundly.

As usual the internet service here is a bit slow and does not allow me to add pictures. Those will be added when I find an internet cafe with better speed.


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