Posted by: catamarantwooceans | November 26, 2009

Med in the winter


The Med in mid November – not your regular sailing voyaging season! Boaz, a friend of mine, (sailed with me in the Dominican Republic in March 08) who has a Knysna 440 catamaran, had his boat delivered from Italy to Athens where she was taken out of the water with quite a lot of damage sustained on the trip. Boaz was looking for crew to sail her to Israel and I was very happy to join. Shimon, our mutual friend (sailed on Two Oceans in March 09) came too. The boatyard promised that the boat will be ready for launching on Tuesday.

A word on Greek boatyards: EXPENSIVE! Be warned!


24.11.09 – Tuesday – The El-Al 737 landed in Venizelos airport, Athens, at 0915. We took a taxi to Pireas, where the Halkitis boatyard is situated. While Boaz had his hands full dealing with the yard’s people, Shimon and yours truly went to the supermarket to buy food for the trip. Back at the boat Boaz showed me a crack that went all the way along the port side of the bridge-deck, which the yard neglected to fix. We decided we will not leave without repair in that area, so the launching was delayed by a day.

Meka on the hard

 25.11.09 – Wednesday – Launching was fixed for 1500, about three hours before sunset, which meant we were not going anywhere unless we sail at night. We decided to do just that and set sail in the direction of Naxos island, a little over a 100 miles away. With the wind from astern blowing between 12-20 knots and relatively flat seas, the boat made good speed.We slalomed between the islands – Kea, Kithnos, Siros and Paros. The Knysna 440 is a big, comfortable and fast boat with a vast saloon and the galley down in the port hull. She has four double cabins and three heads.


26.11.09 – Thursday – We did three hours watches, with me taking the one starting at 0300. One has to be alert sailing in this area since there is a hell of a lot of traffic, big ferries as well as small fishing vessels. Boaz, with the weight of responsibility as owner and skipper, stayed awake until 0340! He had to get up at 0700, because by then we were approaching our destination.


Going into the Naxos “marina” was a little difficult, due to strong wind on our beam, but we managed to tie alongside a wharf, where water and electricity were available.

We went for the obligatory visit to the port police, made a new crew list and had our Transit Log stamped. After that – sleep for the weary until midday.


More later!


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