Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 1, 2010

Waiting to go

26-31.12.09 – During the week we tackled some maintenance jobs. The main task was fixing the bow-thruster, which is a propeller orientated sideways at the bow, helping maneuvers in close quarters. In the Amel the unit is cleverly retractable, easy to take out for repair. Then gear had been slipping so we had to replace the parts inside the gear.  Those were machined in a local shop and seemed to be as good as the originals. Zulu put the whole thing together and then operated it. It started just fine but very soon the healthy normal noise of the gear changed into a whine that indicated that the gear was slipping again. We dismantled it once more but couldn’t find the cause and had to put it back in place knowing that we will have to do without it.

On Monday Miri came on board. Miri retired recently after years of working in Education, as a head mistress of a primary school and also running a program of promoting non violent communication in the schools system. She joined Zulu in Mauritius and plans to continue with him all the way around the world.


During the week we had some strong winds in the harbour, at times reaching 45 knots, making the floating docks rise up alarmingly at certain points.

Flying dock 1

dock 2

December 31st came, the Yacht Club organized a big party but we stayed on board, had dinner with some good South African Cabernet Sauvignon and retired early.

The forecast says that Saturday will be good to leave. I really hope so! Had enough of being marina bound!


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