Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 19, 2010

St. Helena island

18.1.10 – Monday – Miri has the watch from 0300 to 0600 and at first light, just after 0500 she sees the island ahead. She also sees that the Code 0 has a tear near its head. She calls Zulu out. I am awaken by his footsteps on deck and join to help him take the sail down. Perhaps a lower wind limit is necessary.

St. Helena approach

At 1120 we drop anchor in clear, 20 meters deep and wait for an official to come. It takes quite a long time and then the doctor arrives. He checks our temperature and pronounces us to be fine. We join him on the “Ferry” to go ashore. This is required as there is no real dinghy dock.


We try to check in with the police. The time being 1630 they suggest that we come back tomorrow. We are free to roam the town.

First impressions: This is England of 70 years ago. The historical heritage is evident everywhere: Canons, old fortifications, a moat and a big gate.

This is the place they held Napoleon after his defeat in Waterloo remember? The buildings, the signs and also the people are special – everyone says hello, all smiling. An old lady asks for help. “Can you carry these bags to my doorstep?” “Of course, Madam” “Would you like to come in for a drink?” When I tell Gili about it, she asks:” How old was she? She was older than me, Gili. Relax!

A man walks out of a hotel on Main Street. He recognizes us to be yachties and a conversation develops. When he hears that we want to make a tour of the island he sends us to Hazel in reception. Hazel is a source of information about the island, although she is here only for the last year. The hotel is full of nautical memorabilia; Pictures, Clocks, Barometers, wooden mast sections and huge steering wheels, taken off wrecked ships. By the way – St. Helena does not have a cellular phone system. They do not have ATM’s and you have to change your money at the bank to the local pound, equal to Sterling but worthless out of the island. Can you believe this? They do have a very expensive Wi Fi that I will use tomorrow to post these impressions.

Consulate hotel (note N on terrace)


City gate


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