Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 22, 2010

Touring St. Helena

21.1.10 – Thursday – Today we toured the island in the company of a family from another yacht, Abracadabra – a 1978 Swan 47. They are Ann and Philip with their daughter Annelieze, and son, Jabez, 8 and 7 years respectively.

the kids

Their presence made me miss my own grand-kids!

Robert, reputed to be the best guide around, took us on his old Datsun pickup to see the main points of interest on the island. They are, of course, mainly connected with Napoleon and include the houses he lived in and his tomb, from which he was eventually exhumed and transferred to the Hotel des Invalides in Paris.


Napoleon's house

N's grave site

All those are high up in the hills, where a cloud descended, limiting visibility and spraying us with fine rain droplets. Another place we visited was the Boer cemetery. Philip, who is of South African origin, told us that after the Boer war, 1904 – if I am not mistaken, Boer prisoners of war were held on St. Helena, between them his great grandfather as well as his grandfather.  Many of them have died and were buried in a special cemetery, which is being well tended to this day.

On the way back to Jamestown, the island’s main settlement, we visited the Governor’s mansion, where they keep a few huge Seychelles turtles. Miri found one irresistible.

Miri & friend

We also stopped at the garrison, high above the town and looked down the very steep 700 steps of what they call “Jacob’s Ladder” connecting the two.

Jacob's ladder

Back in town we found all the restaurants closed for the day and were lucky to find some beef at the butcher’s. Dinner on board tonight.

22.1.10 – Friday – Another rolly night has passed and today we hope to check out for the tomorrow morning departure. In front of us is a little over 1900 nautical miles to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, that will take approximately two weeks.

Until then – ADIOS!


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