Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 8, 2010

More From Raiatea

5.4.10 – Monday – Finally a nice day! The sun is shining and the few clouds in the sky are fluffy and white with no threat of rain. I take advantage of the fine weather to take all the stuff out of the starboard locker, spinnakers, ropes and fenders, spreading them out on deck to dry. I go on working on the long list of jobs I have on my list and the last item for the day is sticking masking tape all along the waterline in preparation for anti-fouling painting. Suddenly, literally out of the blue, a downpour fell from the heavens! All the hatches were open, the dry items on the deck became wetter then they have been before in a matter of seconds. I rushed up the ladder, closing hatches and getting very wet myself during the operation. My bed sheets got wet, the laptop had a few drops on its casing but survived the attack. All this did not take long but I can understand a hint and stopped working.

6.4.10 – Tuesday – Now that the holiday was finished “two Oceans” became a busy hive, Thierry came to extract the port fuel tank, Heimata fixed the fridge quickly and efficiently and Cathy came with a big bill for her Guardienage service. Nella of  Tropic Tours was sent to fetch my joining crew – Michael (Miki) Ben Eli – from the airport.

Miki is an interesting guy, roughly my age. As a young man he studied architecture in a reputable school in England. He was lucky and privileged to make contact and later work with Buckminster Fuller. (Google him up for more information). Later he achieved a doctorate in the then new science of Cybernetics, and based in the U.S worked as an independent consultant in formulating strategies in large organizations as well as giving lectures all over the world. A few years ago he set up the Sustainability Laboratory – a not for profit reserch, development organization, doing projects aimed at improving the life of communities according to the Sustainability principles. Those interested can look up:

Miki Ben Eli

I found out that there was an electrician in the yard, a guy called Pascal, but he was on his way out, dressed in bright red slacks, for a vacation of four days. Hey! You just had Easter! Come solve my problem! “I can come Saturday” he says but consents to listen to the description of the fault and then writes a letter to Thierry with instructions regarding checks of the system and use of an external charger. He also arranged for Thierry to bring an external battery charger.
A trip to town to have lunch and do some shopping for the coming voyage took a bit too long so we decided to postpone the painting of the first coat of anti-fouling to the next day.

7.4.10 – Wednesday – Miki turned out to be an excellent boat painter! In an intermission we had after yet another shower he found a resting place on a plank we used to stand on while painting the hulls. You may notice the traditional flower stuck behind his ear…


Today was the first time I used special anti-fouling for the metal parts – the drive legs and propellers. We ended up using 8 liters of paint. For some reason I thought that 4 will suffice.
We worked until 1645 and then went for a refreshing swim.
During cruising you meet many interesting people. On a monohull next to us in the yard we saw Liz, a young woman from California of no more than 30 years of age who is single-handing with no set plans. “I go to wherever I feel like at any point in time” she says. She seems happy enough!



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