Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 11, 2010

More of the same

8.4.10 – Thursday – Another day of painting, dodging rainshowers, and completing the job around 1400.

master painter Ben Eli

Thierry struggled with the fuel tank and finally succeeded in reinstaling it. I went to change gear oil and to my dismay discovered emulsion, in in the port drive, indicating the presence of water. Actually I came prepared for this; Remembering that during the three years of my ownership we never replaced the drive gaskets, I brought all the parts needed for this operation. Thierry promised to come back first thing the next day and I started dismantling the propllors. The screws holding the blade’s pin in place are a pain, as I saw last time the boat was on the hard in Puntarenas, Costa rica. Now quite a few of them were stuck. I was not able to open them an d decided to leave them to the proffesional – Thierry. While I was screwing around, Miki wend to town on an important errand. Every evening a group of local boys and girls meet near the yard and play soccer. They have an old deflated ball and when Miki saw this he suggested that we buy them a new one. When he came back and handed the new ball to the surprised players who politely thanked us and resumed their game with more energy than before.

Raiatea F.C

9.4.10 – Friday – Thierry had to drill the stubborn screw out and took the drive to the shop. We went to town to buy some things, including two 25 liter jerricans of diesel fuel for the refurbished tank. When we came back, the drive was in place and the yard guys put “Two Oceans” on the trailer and  slowly rolled towards the launching ramp. I had a fright when some fuel spilled from the tank locker drain, but Thierry quickly identified and rectified the cause, the fuel line out of the tank was damaged. A few minutes later the boat was in the water.

It is a custom in the boatyard to have a crew and clients meeting for drinks every Friday. We came along with a few beers and some pistachios and had a nice time. Back at the boat I went to fill oil in the port drive and skipped a heartbeat when I thought I saw water rising in the drive! It was only a residual smudge of emulsion that did not drain and after I cleaned it I saw no evidence of further water ingress. Later in the evening we sat down to plan the continuation of our cruise. We decided to bypass Rarotonga and go direct to Aitutaki. I can’t wait to get going!

10.4.10 – Saturday – A working day again; First job: reinstall the Lofran windlass. In preparation for this I read the manual and was surprised to see that they caution against a stainless steel back-plate which is exactly what we have on board! I tried to make a plywood replacement, but with the shop closed and my lousy cordless drill I postponed it to a later day and will continue to use the SS one. Does anybody know the reason behind this limitation? Perhaps fear of sparks when chain hits it?

At 1100 Pascal the electrician came. He checked the battery fluid with that funny old style instrument electricians use and gave us the bad news. The batteries are in a very bad shape, the electrolite density is not good. They show high voltage but have low amperage. In order to fix it he will have to recharge each couple of the six batteris for 24 hours and “Then we will see if we can save them”.PascaSo we are going to lose a few sailing days, but let’s hope he willl fix it! I do not relish the idea of buying new ones.

Next job – starting the port engine. Some air bleeding was necessary and then it started.  Noise from the alternator belt means I’ll have to replace it and then, as if we did not have enough troubles – the throttle got stuck. WD 40 sprayed, we’ll check it later. After slaving in the sun for hours we had a cold beer and went swimming outside the marina. We had dinner in the restaurants near the entrance to Apooiti marina walking there and back for the exercise.


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