Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 15, 2010


14.4.10 – Wednesday –  When we saw on Monday that the boat will need to stay put at least until Thursday, we had the idea that Miki Ben Eli will take the ferry and visit Bora Bora and Tahaa “as a turist”. This way we will be able to go straight to Aitutaki and only lose one day relative to our planned itinerary. So he went and I spent the days waiting for Pascal’s daily verdict. Did the charged batteries come back to normal or not? By and by he fixed some other things including the saloon/kitchen fans! We agreed that there was a phantom on board, playing with the electrics. Top of the trick list was the fridge. Pascal checked it and pronounced it defect. “Each time it starts it shuts down immediately, the electric module is not good”. This morning when I woke up, the saloon was very quiet, I moved the fridge switch to “on” expecting it to start and fail but to my surprise the machine kept going!  

Pascal asked me if I was Lebanese. When he heard that I was from Israel his eyes lit up. “I was in Eilat working with your Navy” he says. It trns out the man was a diver in the French navy.By the way the locals say that due to the extreme weather conditions in the last months many yachts had problems with their electrics. A combination of very hot temperatures and high humidity took it’s toll on batteries and wires. As for “Two Oceans” – all work was completed today, batteries “just like new”,  so tomorrow I’ll meet Miki at the ferry dock, we’ll go to the Gendarmery, check out of the country and GO!  Distance to Aitutaki is about 490 n.m, which normally take 3.5 days but the forecast is for light winds, so we’ll see.

Next post, hopefully, will come from Aitutaki!


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