Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 16, 2010

Haunted! Spooked! Jinxed!

15.4.10 – Thursday – After a bit of a confusion regarding the meeting place, Miki and Miki found each other. All the procedures in the Gendarmerie finished, we took a taxi to the boat. We said goodbye to all our  friends here and motored out, in the direction of the fuel station in Arutua town. Filled up and motored to the pass. Ben Eli wanted a last dip before we go on our 490 miles trip and I obliged, stopping the boat and letting him swim awhile. With him back on board we motored on, and as we approached the pass I went inside to look at the electrical charge situation. I was horrified to see that there was no charge at all!  So 180 to the right and back to the boatyard, where we took a mooring outside.  I took the dinghy to Pascals boat (he lives on a ketch in the marina) to give him the news. He said that we should enter the marina tomorrow and he will, again, investigate.

So what now? I suggeted Pastis and we sat down to watch a glorious sunset.

Raiatea sunset

16.4.10 – Friday – In the morning we went into the marina. Pascal came to check the electrical system and found out that a fuse has blown. He thought that what he did will probably not hold and suggested bringing new alternator’s regulators from Papeete. Somehow he found a regulator on one of the local yachts and installed it. It worked fine but heated to such a degree that he was afraid to use it for both engines simultaneously. We decided to make an arrangement by which I would be able to select the engine that will charge. I worked the starboard engine for two hours to check that the regulator worked and it did. He also found on his boat a 300 watt inverter that will make it possible to charge our computers instead of the inoperative one we have. Hopefully we will go out in two or three hours from now!

Wish us luck! Miki & Miki.


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