Posted by: catamarantwooceans | July 25, 2010

Samoa – continued

24.7.10 – Saturday – Tau, the plumber came around 8am with some new fittings that should elliminate the leak. He squeezed into the cupboard leading to the  pipes and worked there, grunting, belching and uttering uninteligable words. After working for a very long time he asked me to activate the pump. “That’s it, it’s OK now”. Great!

We sat down to have a cola and a chat. Tauo is 42 years old, has 5 kids and is very religious. The obvious questions followed:”to What church do you belong?” “Do you believe in Jesus?” As always I come up with the diplomatic answers. Tau wanted 200 tala, about a 100$ US, for his toil. He did work 4 hours so I agreed. We parted company, with him asking me to pray for him and promising to pray for me. 5 minutes later he came back and gave me 50 talas. “150 is enough” The man had a premonition of some sort, because after half an hour one of the pipes popped out of the T fitting  it was connected to, water gushing into my cabinet all over again. Luckily I took his telephone number and called him. Back to work he went and after another 30 minutes he declared the work completed.


 Mike of “Carpe Vita” whom I told about my plumbing problem came to take a look. “Hey man, it’s still leaking!”  My jaw dropped. “I have a lot of fittings on my boat, let me check, maybe I have one that will fit” He did, and later in the afternoon, with my limited plumbing skils, I dismantled the fitting that Tau installed and put in the new one. Bone dry! No leak. Bliss! It may have been a problem of metric pipe versus imperial (inch size) fitting or vice versa.

Mike and Mary

Remembering that the starboard water pump was not working I went to check it. Why should it work? It was this tank that emptyed itself into my clothes cabinet… Tank refilled, pump working no problem.

Frustrated by not finding the Iridium 220v charger and the fact that the 12v one is not working I decided to try a repair. At first glance it seemed impossible to open but using a sharp blade I was able to do it. Inspection did not show anything amiss, so I gave it a squirt of electrical connection spray, closed the thing up and inserted it into the D.C outlet. IT WORKED!   Halleluja!


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