Posted by: catamarantwooceans | August 17, 2010

Tried to leave…

16.8.10 – Monday – To go out to Ha’apai you have to do the whole paper trail: Immigrations, Customs and Port authority. The man in Immigration became very emotional when he saw that we were from the land of the bible. “It is like a dream” he said, the man. The port authority lady worked for quite a time on the calculator to finally come up with the sum we had to pay: 1.45 pa’anga (75 cents U.S). Customs did a lot of form filling, photo-copying and stapling and then we were free to go. It seems as if we actually did the check-out from Tonga, we’ll see what the bureaucrats in Ha’apai say. 

We anchored for an afternoon rest and at 1700 started bringing the anchor up. I was horrified to see the windlass tilting forward from its base! Oh man! Not again! The aft bolt broke out of the windlass base, obviously Ashley did not beef that area enough! I called Tavita and asked him to meet us near the Aquarium café in an hour. We pulled the anchor by hand and quickly motored back to Neiafu and took up a mooring. Tavita and Ashley took the windlass with them promising to bring it tomorrow morning.

17.8.10 – Tuesday – 1300 – Ashley brought the windlass, I am modifying it to have four bolts, so let’s hope this will be the end of its breakdowns!


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