Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 7, 2010

In wait for crew

5.10.10 – Tuesday – Yohan, the Belgian volunteer, can only come aboard on Friday. I am still waiting to hear from Erez, my potential Israeli\Kiwi crew about his intentions. So, waiting is the name of the game, and what better place to wait than Navadra? Come morning I sailed and motored the 24 miles there and found four yachts in the bay. My favorite place was free so I dropped the anchor there, on sand in 14 meters depth (the tide was high). I snorkeled to check the anchor and  found it lying on the sand in an opposite direction to the required one. Since I want it to dig in I have two options; One is to reverse the boat and then the anchor will turn in the right direction and dig in. This will result in the boat going backwards a few meters, getting a bit too close to another yacht. The second is diving and setting the anchor by hand, but isn’t 14 meters too much? Will I be able to do it? Well, I did it, but I must confess that fining and looking up to see that I still have about 8 meters to the surface, with my lungs crying for air, was not a pleasant experience!

I passed the time reading – All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy who also wrote No Country for Old Men –  snorkeling, cooking, eating and finishing the day with a movie “The ghost writer” directed by Roman Polanski. By the way – still not catching any fish!

6.10.10 – Wednesday – The southern part of Navadra is a big rock, 150 feet high in my estimation. This rock was just pleaded to be climbed! Its front is bare and perpendicular, but I had a feeling that I could find a way up by circling it clockwise.nav4

                                     The Rock

I ascended very carefully, testing tree branches and rocks before I put my body weight  in their care and finally stood on top. Cool wind was blowing gently, a beautiful view of the bay and the surrounding island spread below. It made me want to fly!


I visited the “Altar” and found that the Kava we put there a week ago was still there


I was frustrated by not catching fish and thinking that perhaps the bait was to blame. So, walking on the beach I collected four hermit crabs that I thought will do the job. They did not… I went back to using the chicken breast I had in the freezer and caught a small snapper. Put him on a large hook in order to get the “Big-One”. Big – One took the bait, together with the line, SS leader, hook and sinker. Tried again with another live bait – same results. The strong and aggressive pull on the line was probably a shark.

7.10.10 – Thursday – Crucial day! Yohan is supposed to come on board and Erez should call and give his decision. Back to Vuda Point marina I go again. While waiting there is a knock on the hull. I look outside and immediately recognize the man although I’ve never met him. He is Volkmar, an Austrian, who put ads in Suva yacht club as well as here in Vuda, expressing his wish to join a yacht going to New Zealand. He described himself as a “Non smoker, non snorer”. He has a website in which he tells, in German, about his background and sailing experience. I invited him aboard and we had a nice talk. I told him that if one of my crew will not come he could join.

A little later Erez called, he will be able to come but only after November 1st, on which they have tickets for Leonard Cohen performance in Wellington… I would never have imagined that one of my favorite artists will screw up my plans that way!

Then came Yohan.


Yohan is Flemish and lives in Bruges, Belgium. He started telling me about his obligation to the people he is with on yacht “Liberty” on which he sailed all the way from Panama, went on to detail his plans to visit his friends in Australia and the bottom line was: he is not joining…  I call Volkmar and tell him that the crew position is his if he wants it. He does. Welcome aboard Volkmar!

I’ll post his picture later.


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