Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 19, 2010

A new start

8.10.10 – Friday – Volkmar came to the boat with his luggage.He put his stuff on board and we immediately set out on his taxi to the customs in the port. We did the “Coastal Clearance” and were told by the custom agent that we needed to go to immigration in town to fill the “Crew sign on” form. Immigrations is just opposite R.B Patel supermarket so after we got the all important form we crossed the road and did our shopping for the coming eight days, during which we will sail the Yasawa islands, with little chance of finding any shop. We will then reach Savusavu, on Vanua Levu island, where all services are available . 

I appointed Volkmar to the position of Finance Minister. He is very methodical and organized and will take the load off my shoulders. Just before noon we had a visit by a young German out of a Polish yacht who had to vacate his place there for two weeks and was considering joining us. I did not mind, but then remembered the “Sign on, Sign off” thing and the paperwork. I’m not doing this again today! So Tobias, Rastas and all, will have to look for another alternative.


In the afternoon we went over the boat to get Volkmar acquainted with its various systems.

9.10.10 – Saturday – First stop – Navadra. I could say:”Again”, as I stayed there for a few days, but Volkmar haven’t and it’s a good place from which to continue north to the rest of the Yasawas. On the way I tried a new lure that took two hits but none stayed on the single hook. I replaced it with two triple hooks and have big hopes for the morrow!


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