Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 19, 2010



My first knowledge of Volkmar was gleaned from the following ad, which he put on the board in Suva yacht club among other places.


He found about me and my need for crew from Bruce, an American yachtie.

So who is Volkmar? His full name is Volkmar Baurecker. He was born in Austria in 1940 ( you probably remember what went on in Europe at that time). He studied electrical engineering and after a short stint of working on a banana boat as an electrical officer helper, worked in a company that made air- conditioners and then as a salesman for a company specializing in “Green” paints and detergents.

Volkmar was married and had four children. In 2003 he retired, separated from his wife, who later passed away.

He had the dream of sailing around the world but no money for a boat, so he found an interesting solution. He will advertise himself a crew for people embarking on oceans passages. It seems to have worked very well. He started in September 2008 from Majorca to Grand Canaria. Joined a family in Cabo Verde and sailed to Martinique. Toured the Caribbean islands for a long time, got to Panama where he met an Australian couple who took him on all the way to Tahiti. He stayed on their boat for 105 days, this should give you an idea of what a man he is. In Tahiti he joined another yacht and sailed directly to Fiji.

We’ve been together for more than a week now and I am pleased to say that he is a very good buddy and crew.



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