Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 22, 2011

Back In New Zealand


Problem with picture loading, hope to do it later!

14.1.11 – Friday – After a few days with my daughter’s family in California. 5 years old Yotam challenged me to a game of Chess. I used to play when I was a kid and he succeeded in kindling my love for the game. I found out I had a Chess game in my laptop, great fun! Speaking about kindling – I received the "Kindle" I ordered from "Amazon". Looks fantastic! No more huge piles of books on the boat or at home; This toy can hold up to 3500 books!

I flew back on Wednesday to NZ. Long flight! San Francisco – Los Angeles – Nandi in Fiji and Auckland. I spent a night in a hotel to recover and slept 13 hours ! A four and a half hours  bus ride brought me to Opua and "Two Oceans".

Work started immediately: the sailmaker brought the new trampoline and the mainsail he repaired. I will install them myself and save some money. The electronics technician, Hanspeter, came to show me what he did. A new GPS antenna is in place, a new auto-pilot in addition to the old one, with a possibility of changing between them by a flick of a switch. But where is the radar? "Oh, I forgot to bring it…" Never mind, next week. A visit to the marina’s office confirmed that I have to leave the dock not later than mid-day Sunday and can only come back on Saturday the 22nd. I love the idea of hanging out for a week by myself in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

15.1.11 – Saturday – Work, work, work. Brett, the electrical wizard came to fix the windlass that refused to work in the "Up" mode.

I started connecting the mainsail to the mast but had to stop when the wind came up and made controlling the big sail impossible.

I took a break to go to Paihia to shop and find an A.T.M. The regular shuttle is not operating on weekends so I decided to walk. (Volkmar did that in November and said it was a nice walk). At one point I asked a lady in a car for directions and she as she was going there herself she offered to take me along. The people in NZ are simply the friendliest in the world!

Surfed the web and read about the floods in Queensland, Australia. Mike and Mary’s boat is there for sale and I hope she suffered no damage. I sent them an e-mail.


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