Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 28, 2011

Waiting to depart

26.4.11 – Tuesday – High water was at 1400 and that was the time the boatyard guys put us back into the water, sporting our newly painted old three bladed fixed props. The paint is called “Propspeed”, it is with silicon base and very slippery to the touch. A small can costs 150nz$ and the locals say it is marvellous.

Rob went on working on the rig and in the process fixed our masthead lights. The man is a wizard!

27.4.11 – Wednesday – Erez Goldberg came in the morning and meshed in immediately. He is a seasoned sailor and will be a great help on board.


Rig work was finished just in time for the arrival at 1400 of our new mainsail and the repaired jib. The main has a slightly different, more modern shape than the old one. I can’t wait to see it in action!

Bad news on the weather front: a nasty Low is situated between us and our destination. We are not going to be able to leave before May 4th, if not later. The Cruising Club Rally to Tonga is also stuck but the members seem to be in high spirits, having fun in the yacht club. Patience is now the name of the game.

28.4.11 – Thursday – Ugly weather is here, wind and rain all day long. Hanspeter finished fixing the A.I.S but there are no ships carrying the transmitter around so we did not test it in practice. We used Volkmar’s car to go shopping for the month ahead.


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