Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 29, 2011

Life-raft Story

29.4.11 – Friday – During all the time we stayed in Opua doing boat projects the cost has been climbing. Every little thing adds up and I began thinking I might have over-extended myself. With that nagging feeling I went to Cater Marine, the local chandlery, to see whether my life-raft came back from service. Yes, it did. I took the bill, making a show of looking at it frightfully through fingers covering my eyes, but could not find the price. Margaret of Cater’s pointed to a number at the bottom of the page. I could not believe my eyes but there it was: 3985$! “What? You can buy a new raft for that price!” This was a real shock. Margaret, who was also perplexed by the outrageous bill assured me that they will call RFD in Auckland to check that bill and get a detailed account of what was done. I confided in her that due to my escalating expenditures I was thinking of perhaps cancelling the purchase of the new dinghy that they ordered for me. She promised an answer ASAP.

An hour later my phone rang. “Good news, Michael. RFD sent a bill for a new raft by mistake. Your bill is 927$”. That’s more like it! “All right! Send the raft over as well as the dinghy, before I have more of those funny thoughts”.

So the dinghy is on board. It’s a 2.8 meters RIB, with an aluminum bottom. Smaller than the old Gemini but will still take four people and our 8 H.P Yamaha.


New Dinghy


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