Posted by: catamarantwooceans | May 1, 2011

The Weather


This is what is holding us in place. Note the purple “eye” of that Low, there are winds in excess of 50 knots over there. Here, tied to the dock at Ashbey’s we had winds up to 37 knots. 

This is the last NZ met service forecast we received:

Coastal Forecast: Brett

Issued by MetService at: 4:20pm 1 May 2011
Valid to: 12:00am 3 May 2011

Easterly 45 knots, easing to northeast 25 knots but 35 knots south of Whangaroa Harbour tonight and to 15 knots but 25 knots in the south Monday afternoon. High sea easing. Northeast swell rising to 3 metres. Poor visibility in rain, easing Monday afternoon.

Realistically there is no way we could depart before Friday, so Volkmar and Erez drove to Auckland for a day or two. I am staying on the wind, rain and waves pelted “Two Oceans” waiting for the weather to improve.


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