Posted by: catamarantwooceans | May 5, 2011

Going out tomorrow

5.5.11 – Thursday – We’ve been waiting a full week for a weather  window and now it seems to have come. We may have to start with a 20 – 25 knots wind from the northwest and sail initially east of our desired track, but after a day or two the wind will go to the west and become lighter.

On Tuesday Erez and myself did a "test flight" for the new mainsail – everything seems to be O.K.

We did some work on the boat right up to the last minute: new one line reefing system for the third reef, replacing the V.H.F antenna and installing a brass bushing in the main halyard pulley.

By the way – We are sailing direct to Vanuatu, having decided to give New Caledonia a miss. The first island – Anatom – is 933 miles away, is not a port of entry. For that we’ll have to go a little over 50 miles and get to Tanna.

I’ll try to update the google earth  position on the blog on the  way and give a full account when we get to a place with internet.

Until then – Adios!

Volkmar, Erez and Miki


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