Posted by: catamarantwooceans | May 12, 2011

Yanti Parazi

12.5.11 – Thursday – Yanti Parazi is a pair of nonsensical words that only an Israeli will understand. As children, back in the fifties, when everything sexual was so dramatic and shameful, you would see a brat come to an unsuspecting victim and challenge:"Let’s see you say quickly three times Yanti Parazi" In that meaningless repetition one could hear something different:"Ziyanty – Para" which had the explicit meaning of bestiality…

So, when I happened upon the internet site of Niue, and in the list of visiting yachts I saw the name "Yanti Parazi" I was sure that the owner could only be an Israeli. In New Zealand I heard about an Israeli guy with a boat of a strange name. "Is it "Yanti Parazi?" "Yes" was the answer.

You can imagine that when we heard that a yacht with a funny, foreign name, has diverted with some technical problems to Opua, Erez went to investigate. Surely enough – Yanti was with us!


During the morning VHF cruisers net I called them, requested that they contact me on channel 6 and invited the owner\skipper over.

Sam (Shmuel) Mazza left Israel as a young man to work in high-tech industry in the U.S. About seven years ago he purchased a Norseman 447 and started sailing the world. In the last year and a half he stays in NZ, doing major work on the boat. He plans to go to Fiji and then maybe spend the hurricane season in Kiribaty.


Here is another sailor who is not obsessed, like me, by the need to complete a circumnavigation, opting to stay longer in the places he likes. He finds crew on the internet and in the places he visits. Right now his crew is a Kiwi girl, Sharon, who also goes by the name of Chaz.


He is hoping to finish work on the boat and depart on the weekend for Fiji.

Good winds, Yanti Parazi! You name will always bring a smile to any Israeli. Pleasant voyage Sam and Chaz! Hope to meet you again somewhere.

On the maintenance front: We got the hatch handles yesterday and put them in place today taking great pains not to lose any part into the water. We also resealed some fittings on the bows through which there was a leak into the forward crash compartments. We’ll be ready to leave as the first weather window opens!


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