Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 28, 2011

Kicked out of Nauru!

28.9.11 – This evening we reached Nauru. After numerous calls on VHF that no one replied to we entered a small barge basin, sought out and found the authorities. Here is the bottom line: I was accused of breaking the law by entering without permission and forced, on penalty of prosecution, to leave and wait outside until morning, when the harbor master will decide if I can come in. The attitude of the Australian man who was in charge of immigration and the Nauran port official was simply ugly. They did not care that it was completely dark, that the exit from the basin was unlit as were the many ship buoys outside. We had to leave but decided we were not going to come back; instead we will sail on to Kosrae, Micronesia, 420 miles away, where we hope to get a more reasonable  reception.
A detailed account covering everything since the last post will be published in a few days.
It is the Jewish New Year’s eve today so – Shana Tova, happy new year to all.
Miki, Zvi and Israel


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles in Nauru. Hope that the next leg provided smooth sialing. Best wishes for the New Year. Hope all remains ship shape

    Steve and Genoveba

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