Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 18, 2012

A Personal Loss

18.1.12 – Wednesday – This blog is mainly about sailing but from time to time personal matters take center stage.

Last week my mother passed away. She was more than 97 years old. Born in 1914, she left her family and in 1936 emigrated from the Ukraine to the land of Israel.


                                    With my Dad – circa 1937

She was an educator most of her professional life and after retiring worked for more than 25 years as a volunteer in the National Social Security organization, counseling old people and new immigrants from the former U.S.S.R. 

Cultural and spiritual matters were what she valued most, reading fine literature was her favorite pastime. Being curious about the world around her, she was always looking for new things to learn and experience; taking computer course when she was over 70 years old is just one example, learning and practicing Transcendental meditation another.

She followed my sailing voyages with interest, asking questions and wanting to see all the pictures.


                                aged 83 – coming to sail our previous cat

She had a remarkable relationship with my children and was blessed with six great grandchildren whom she loved dearly.


With advancing age she suffered quite a few blows nature dealt and surprised us by rebounding with iron will and determination. At 96 years of age, after a stroke, she underwent speech therapy, learning to read again.

Nature, of course, has the final say. She had a long and meaningful life. Her memory and personality will continue to influence our lives in the future.


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