Posted by: catamarantwooceans | March 4, 2012

Before the next stage

1.3.12 – Thursday – One crew left and the next will arrive in three days time. Dany will be back after his vacation in Vietnam to stay all the way to Thailand, and my brother in law, Yaron, who already sailed on "Two Oceans" in the Caribbean and Pacific Panama will join for two weeks from Cebu to Puerto Princessa in Palawan.

Gili has to go back home on the 5th but until then we’ll have some quality time, just the two of us.

Some necessary preparations precluded going out today but tomorrow we will leave for a better location.

2.3.12 – Friday – Gili wanted a quiet place with clear water. Can’t swim in Cebu harbor which is horribly dirty, so we decided to go back to Pacijan in the Camotes islands.

The anchorage west of Santiago was under the influence of the 20 knots easterly wind so we turned the corner to seek better protection. We were surprised to find a sort of harbor in the building stage with a large structure on one of its corners. We anchored just outside and went to investigate. Some local people were working there and their  English was limited to telling us that this was private property and that we should walk away.


We went over to the village to the north, where again nobody spoke English, but everybody was nice and the children led us to a beach further to the north. Strangely enough they were afraid to have their pictures taken. A few huts adorned the place and we finally found an English speaking gentleman called Adong, who, when hearing we were from Israel declared he was the nephew of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Oh well, you can’t escape Israeli politics even that from home.

P3020027 - Copy


He also told us that the "private property" belongs to a very rich Philipino man.

3.3.12 – Saturday – We went further north for about one and a half mile just to change the scenery and anchored by a pretty resort, quite close to the rocky shore.

IMG_2053 - Copy

Anchor work has become problematic, the windlass suddenly goes lazy or stops altogether under strain. I think this is connected to the new house batteries system which is made up from marine starting batteries planned for a short high load and not for prolonged drain. Moshe thinks the brushes in the windlass motor should be replaced. I’ll have to find a good electrician for this job.

The wind, which started as easterly backed to the north and sent small, aggravating waves into the anchorage. That’s the time to go back to the south shore where all was well.

The village children came by on a canoe and got some candy.

IMG_2055 - Copy

4.3.12 – Sunday – Last day for Gili on board. We sailed back to the yacht club anchorage, where the Karaoke club was in full swing once again.

I had a short nap and when I woke up there was a familiar mono-hull anchored by our side. This was Nausica, with a couple from Italy, whom we saw in Palau.

Off to town now and maybe this will be on the web today!


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