Posted by: catamarantwooceans | March 4, 2012

Philippines With new crew–the last days

28.2.12 – Tuesday – Another day in Malapascua. In the evening everybody went ashore for a stroll and a drink while I stayed on board to take care of the cooking chicken.

Tomorrow night the friends are leaving, so we want to reach Cebu in the afternoon. Accordingly we plan an early departure as we have 60 miles to go.

29.2.12 – Wednesday –  0200 –  Wakeup. The ladies nap on while the guys go out. Good sailing at the beginning and later motor-sailing to keep the schedule. Mickey Kuch put out the trolling lure and in spite of my utter disbelief a nice barracuda is taken. Finally a fish!

P1030933 - Copy

We had a farewell cuda dinner and at 2200 I took our friends ashore.

Thus ended this part of the Philippines voyage. The need to stay close to Cebu limited the places we could visit and those, in comparison to the Pacific destinations seemed lacking in luster. Still, we enjoyed the good weather and the company and had a lot of fun.


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