Posted by: catamarantwooceans | March 7, 2012

Philippines–the next stage

5.3.12 – Monday – Yesterday evening Dany and Yaron came as planned. I slept only two and a half hours, having taken Gili ashore at 0300 to go the airport.

IMG_2059 - Copy

                   Yaron – I Phone and I Pad ready

First thing in the  morning we did some shopping for the week ahead and then took a taxi to immigrations. I had to get an extension to my visa. This was inefficient bureaucracy at its best (or rather its worst). It took two hours and 3030 pesos to get it and then we rushed to the customs office to get a clearance to Palawan. We arrived at exactly midday. Entered the relevant office to be greeted by a smiling clerk who gladly informed us that the officer in charge has gone for lunch. We went too, coming back at 1400. Ten people sat in the office, none of them doing anything that even remotely resembled work. There was a lot of paper reading, laptop gaming and just plain old friendly talk.

Finally we were led to the right man and got our "Clearance to a foreign port" although we were going to another island in the same country.

By now it was  too late to go to the planned destination. We’ll spend another night in the Yacht club slash Karaoke club anchorage.

6.3.12 – Tuesday – As we were filling water on the outside of the yacht club, the couple out of the Canadian yacht "Sage" came over for a chat. Tony and Connie are sailing in the same direction so we may see them around some more.

Out to the north, destination Port Carmen, 15 miles away, we were motoring against a northerly of 13 knots. "How about doing some windward sailing guys?" said I. The guys were for it so we started on port tack going east. The moment it was time for the starboard tack the wind died… In two hours we got closer to Carmen by only two miles… We didn’t really care and continued motoring, Yaron trolling a lure he brought from home, upon which he put his hopes for a fish dinner.

At 1330 we were in, Dany made lunch and the we all had a nap.

IMG_2060 - Copy

                              Dany making lunch

Later we took the dinghy around the bay. In addition to the many fishing facilities here, there is a boatyard building aluminum catamarans. Couldn’t get any more information, but the boats seemed to be in the 45 foot range.

P3060007 - Copy

7.3.12 – Wednesday – Out at 0600 to get  to Malapascua, 45 miles away at a relatively early hour. No wind, no fish, no joy. But Malapascua is O.K with its shore restaurants and internet facilities, which we plan using tonight.

IMG_2061 - Copy


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