Posted by: catamarantwooceans | March 29, 2012

Waiting for a weather window

27.3.12 – Tuesday – First thing in the morning I went to the internet café. The picture emerging from two weather sites was dispiriting. A low is deepening in the south china sea causing a south southwesterly flow. This means that the best we can expect is motoring all the way to Singapore, almost 1000 miles away. The worst case scenario could have this low drift down to our area with maximum winds of around 40 knots.


The first reasonable date to depart would be the 31st and even then there will be a lot of motoring against the wind for the first three days. We will  have to keep a close watch on the weather situation and hope for a favorable change.

We gave laundry to one of the local hotels and found out too late that they had no electrical dryer and will use the sun and wind for that purpose. It has been raining quite a lot here so who knows when we’ll get it back.

We went shopping for food and looked up a place to fill our water tanks. We met a Filipina who used to work in Israel and she sent us to a business called "Agua Primera". (situated near the bus terminal, tel. 09475058377) They promised to deliver ten 5 gallon containers to the dock at a total cost of 350 pesos. Let’s see whether this works out.

28.3.12 – Morning started, as every day does here, with the "Spider Boats" Parade. Those are fishing boats with long poles on both sides giving them the appearance of that arachnoid. They go out in the evening and return at daybreak.

IMG_2216 - Copy

Those boat are dedicated to the catching of very small fish in big schools, attracted by strong lights into the nets.

At 0800 our water containers were delivered by tricycle as promised. We now had our tanks almost full, the rain will hopefully provide the missing quantity.

The hotel slash Laundromat says our stuff will be ready only in the afternoon.

Next to the internet café for the forecast. Not good! The low is deepening and is regarded as a Typhoon. Although it is not exactly over our area we can’t take a chance on it keeping its track and anyway beating or motoring against 20 knots is no fun either. Also, experience taught me that the wind could easily be ten knots plus over the forecasted value.


That doesn’t look good at all! That purple in the eye means more than 50 knots!

We sat down to analyze the weather charts and understood that we should not leave here before Monday, when the low will move to the north some more.

The most depressing thing about this delay is that Gili and I planned to meet in Thailand on April 10th for our 25th anniversary. Now we’ll have to think of other alternatives.

And until then? We are pretty much fed up with Quezon and the dirty bay so we found a spot that looks nice and protected – Eran bay. We’ll pass the time there.


                                                Eran bay

I’ll post this tomorrow and the next update will probably be from Singapore or Thailand.


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