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10.4.12 – Tuesday – What comes to mind when you think about Singapore? Shopping, order and cleanliness. Today we experienced all of those and more. First thing we did was to go to the Port authority "One Stop" office, where we experienced  efficiency and good service. You can go there in the 24 hours following your arrival and if you are leaving within 48 hours of your visit to the office you can do check-in and check-out at the same time.

Next to Sim Lim square, the Mecca for all electronic devices. I had my rain damaged laptop with me, q-w-e not working and the screen sporting all sorts of vertical lines and blotches. The Dell agent took me to Newstead Technologies counter. Eddie Hong gave a quote for repair that I accepted. "Come back in half an hour" he said. 30 minutes later my computer was ready, perfectly fixed, screen and keyboard replaced at a very reasonable price.

At the basement the food court offered Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Italian and some other variations on world cuisine; 4 Singapore dollar bought me a Curry chicken noodle soup. Delicious!

Next stop – Mustafa in Little India. Another amazing example of commerce. As we got ready to go back to Changi, it started raining, thunder and lightning every few minutes. We went back to the boat. Shopping for food, filling up water and fuel will have to wait for the morrow.

11.4.12 – Wednesday – Before going ashore I looked at the chart to plan the route out of Singapore. I saw that we had to sail more than 40 miles around the island before entering the Malacca straits. Then it occurred to me that we could go to One 15 marina (named after its latitude) on Sentosa island, 20 miles away and have more daylight on the busy seaway out of Singapore. One 15 has a fuel dock and water plus a free shuttle to a shopping mall where we could buy food for the next week.

A phone call to One 15 confirmed they had a berth for us; even the price was right, less than 50$, actually just 35$ extra expenditure.

We motored south of Singapore island marveling at the fantastic number of ships all around us and also the interesting architecture on shore. Here are two examples; bad quality pictures due to the high humidity and bad visibility.

IMG_2304 - Copy 

IMG_2299 - Copy

We entered One 15 close to 1400, filled up our fuel tanks and tied alngside a short finger. We took the shuttle to the mall which turned out to be a huge thing called Vivo city. It has every known prestigious brand from Armani to Cartier but we came for the "Giant" supermarket and found all we needed.

Two hours later, as we were organizing our purchases, Dany got a call. His daughter heard that a strong earthquake hit Indonesia and that a Tsunami warning was issued to the whole area. We did our own research and understood that the danger for our area was minimal or nil and carried on as planned.

And the plan was to have dinner in a good restaurant. We found a good Chinese one in Vivo city that we really enjoyed and then spoilt ourselves with a big cone of Haagen Dazs ice-cream. 

Back on the boat we checked the news again, finding that the Tsunami alert was cancelled.

Our Singapore stop was too short and I regard it a technical one; rest, take fuel, water and provisions. No time for sightseeing!

Tomorrow morning we set sail, or rather start the engines (light winds forecasted) to go to Phuket, Thailand. I’ll get back to the blog in about a week.

Until then – Adios from Dany and Miki on "Two Oceans".


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