Posted by: catamarantwooceans | April 20, 2012

Thailand – a few more days

17.4.12 – Tuesday – We did customs and port control on the day of arrival. Immigrations, who work from 0900 to 1500, was postponed to today. I was surprised to learn that if I wanted to fly out I had to deposit a bond of 20000 (twenty thousand) baht, that’s about 650$ U.S. I thought that applied to crew but not to the captain. The procedure can be accomplished only in Phuket town. I begged the local ATM to give me some more bahts, took a taxi and had the thing done by 1200.

We now had a 30 miles trip to the resort near Krabi where my daughter and her family stayed . Two throttles ahead, no thoughts of saving fuel and we got there by 1645. I could see my daughter and granddaughter waiting on the beach.

 P4170008 - Copy

18.4.12 – Wednesday –  Maya, the little one, was a bit frightened by the dinghy ride to the boat but once on board she was O.K. We motored to Railay beach near Tham Pranang, enjoying the magnificent view along the way.

IMG_2347 - Copy


After spending a few hours seeing the sights we motored back to the resort.

All the attention, naturally, was centered on Maya, who at 18 month is already a seasoned veteran in using her parents’ I Pad.

IMG_2345 - Copy

19.4.12 – Thursday – This morning Dany left on his way back home. We spent almost three month together, a long time in the small space that a sailboat is. I am happy to say that he was an excellent friend and crew and I hope to keep on meeting him on and off the boat.

The kids and I did another day on the boat, this time going to the north anchorage of Koh Dam Hok. Two other catamarans were at anchor there, both were Voyage design. One of them, a 430, was named "Endangered Species", a bit of a contradiction with the fact that there were three examples at that location.

IMG_2370 - Copy

I had a nice conversation with Rick, who with his wife Robin left Florida a year before I did (2006). The other boat, a 440, was named "Wind Pony".

After dinner I said goodbye to the kids and went back to "Two Oceans".

20.4.12 – Friday – 33 miles to Yacht Haven in north Phuket.

IMG_2372 - Copy

I plan to leave the boat here  and go home for about six weeks. Tomorrow will be boat cleaning day, a lot of work! I hope I can get hired help here.

Hoping to come back in June for a bit of sailing and a lot of maintenance work. Adios to everybody and thanks to all who commented or mailed! I really appreciate your interest in this blog!

This is Miki on "Two Oceans" signing off.


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