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9.7.12 – Monday – Finally a dry, though partly cloudy morning! It was an opportunity to take some mattresses out to dry, after all – guests are coming! I did a few jobs on the boat, had lunch and went ashore to check a chandlery I was told about. On the way back I dropped by the boatyard, hoping to find someone who’ll be able to repair the starboard forward hatch that had a bad crack allowing water in.

Near Ocelot I saw two guys. One of them looked familiar. I thought I saw his picture on the Hacking family web-site. This was Golf who is the contractor supervising all the extensive refurbishment of their cat.

P7090001 - Copy

I told Golf I will put the boat on the hard in late August and that I will ask him to give me quotes on a few jobs I wanted done.

"Why don’t we start with a hatch I need to fix?" "Let’s go to your boat now" said Golf. He with his man Ho came on the dinghy and we motored to "Two Oceans". Glancing back over my shoulder towards the island, I saw a black cloud mass rolling in pursuit. We boarded the boat; Golf and Ho had just enough time to look at the hatch when the rain came down furiously and the wind blew 30 knots plus.

The moment it went down to a more acceptable 20, Ho took the dinghy ashore, bringing back some plywood to replace the hatch they’ll take ashore.

P7090002 - Copy

Golf promised it will be ready tomorrow afternoon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

10.7.12 – Tuesday – RAIN again! The hatch was ready as promised and was installed in between the rain showers. It will be tested immediately, I ‘m sure. I also gave Golf the old stainless steel windlass back-plate and asked him to give me a quote on a similar plate in aluminum. Frankly – this is a bit of a test to see how he prices the jobs he gets.

11.7.12 – Wednesday – RAIN and some more RAIN! Golf calls in the morning: "The shop wants 2200 baht (more than 70$)for it" "No, that’s too much, keep it for me in your place, I’ll come for it in the afternoon". Around 10 a.m the weather improves, sky clearing somewhat which is an opportunity to take out the guests mattresses for final drying. Half an hour later I sense a change in the wind, look out side and understand I have to rush them back in. Low grey cloud rolls down the mountain towards the bay. As I finished closing the last hatch the wind rose up to 30 and the rain poured down.

IMG_2435 - Copy

Around 1330 the sky cleared again, this time it looked as if it will hold for a while so I took my laptop and went ashore for lunch and internet. Shimon is coming tomorrow and I hope he will bring the sun with him.

After lunch, a dash to the boatyard. Near Golf’s place there is a huge catamaran (56 feet!)on which Golf did a lot of work. The owner is there and I approach him to learn more about Golf.  Graham, a Kiwi married to an Australian, has spent 6 years in Thailand and the vicinity. He says Golf quality of work is fine but you must be on your guard as some of his workers may not always keep the required standard. He says Golf has under-billed him on on big job and tried to "correct" on the next one.

As we speak, one of the boatyard chiefs to complain that Golf has not paid him the 10% of the work done. "If he doesn’t pay, you cannot go in the water". Here’s another item to watch!

I take the back-plate from Ho (Golf is elsewhere) and go to a machine shop I saw on the main road. The boss, who speaks passable English, looks at what needs to be done and asks for 400 baht. I didn’t try bargaining.



  1. Yeah… dishonesty and cheating is everywhere….. always nice to read your postings. Cheers WaveDancer (Wharram – Tiki)

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