Posted by: catamarantwooceans | July 16, 2012

With Shimon In SW Thailand

13.7.12 – Friday – Shimon came yesterday in the afternoon. We had enough time to go shopping , so this morning we were ready to leave early. Friday the 13th started with the entanglement of the two anchors I had on the bottom and it was quite a lot of work to separate them and get rid of a fishing net (with a live crab attached) that got stuck there. Having another man on board made things much easier.


Once free, we went to the water facility, filled up and motored out of Au – Chalong. Target – Racha Yai. The wind was from the south east so we elected to go to the bay on the north of the island and anchored in about 5 meters on sand with some clamps of ruined coral. 

14.7.23 – Saturday – The rumor is that the area around Racha Noi abounds with fish, so there we went. We saw a lot of what looked like small tuna jumping out of the water either in pursuit or in flight but no fish took our lure. We sailed around the island counterclockwise, watching out for possible anchorages but the ones we saw were getting unpleasant swell on the west coast and wind from the south east making the east one a lee shore. One catamaran that has the local knowledge found a nice spot on the east.

IMG_2452 - Copy

We went back to our Racha Yai anchorage where a hoard of tourist boats filled the bay. By three p.m they were all going out and we grabbed a good mooring somebody vacated.

In the early evening we went snorkeling; although the reef is in bad shape I still saw some marvelous fish: a big puffer and one that resembled a clown fish but was black with white circles on its body and fins. Two cuttlefish glided by and when I dived and got close to them, a purple fluorescent light appeared on the edges of their fins.

15.7.12 – Sunday – It was a calm, sunny morning. We decided to use the "local knowledge" that was demonstrated to us the day before and motored to Racha Noi again. We discovered a few moorings and took one that turned out to have a good diameter rope connected to a solid concrete base at 7 29.993 N 98 19.508 E. The place is a gem! The snorkeling is nice; I think I’ll buy a spear gun. I could easily get some nice fish for dinner. We decided to stay the night.

16.7.12 – Monday – Back to Au Chalong to await the arrival of Gideon, our friend.

We are sitting in the Kan Eang restaurant, waves lapping the shore, Singha beers on the table. Gideon arrived on time. Weather is good (touch wood). Tomorrow we’ll go south!


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