Posted by: catamarantwooceans | August 5, 2012

By myself in Phuket

25.7.12 – Wednesday – My friends left and I motored back to Au Chalong. anchored in the bay using the anchors in tandem arrangement. I’ll probably stay here awhile so it is better to have a super secure hold in position. It was early afternoon and the tide was right to go ashore and do some shopping.

Ten days ago I discovered the local market opposite the big supermarket, now I went there for my fruit and veg and found most of it closed. Just a few fruit vendors were still in operation while the rest of the area was filled by stalls selling clothes, shoes house goods and general merchandise. On to Vila Market super which has the best products in town but sometimes outrageously priced. Imagine paying 1.5$ for a single green pepper!

P7160005 - Copy

                                    Chalong market in operation

Back to the boat in the searing heat, the air seemed to be completely motionless. I had a steak dinner with gin and tonic that made me feel sleepy. Early to bed!

26.7.12 – Thursday – A cloudless, hot day. I did some jobs on the boat, like tightening engine belts, scraping the waterline, cleaning house, reading and writing.

27.7.12 – Friday – Some more of the above. In the afternoon I went to the boatyard to speak to Golf about the wooden floors I wanted to install. Later I went to the Yacht-club (the "real" one, not the PCYC) and met Bob Mott. He is the Noonsite area editor and is a good source of information about everything maritime here. He gave me a few recommendations regarding the right people for the projects I had in mind. Big help.

A couple came along and joined us. They were Simon Morris and Noot, his Thai companion. It turned out that Simon used to be an R.A.F pilot and later a captain for British airways flying Boeing 777s.

P7280003 - Copy

They have a big traditional schooner, "Sirius", built in 1935. A nice boat to look at!

P7280006 - Copy

28.7.12 – Saturday – Another hot working day. In the afternoon I went to the boatyard to speak to Golf and met Jon Hacking who is doing a big refit of his cat "Ocelot".

P7280001 - Copy

The Hackings have a very meticulous and interesting internet site, with loads of information about the places they cruised. I will surely use it a lot when sailing the Indian Ocean. Look for it in "Blogroll" on the right of the page.

I spoke to Ma noon from the yard about hauling out. Right now they are full. No wonder, they are the cheapest around. He may have a place for me in August. I’ll visit him again in a few days.

29.7.12 – Sunday – It’s still very hot. The perfect time for the activity this sign, in front of an empty plot, is promoting.

P7280001 (2) - Copy

We are playing the waiting game now. Gili is waiting to see if a business trip that was planned some time ago will or will not happen, so she can make up her mind about coming to Thailand. I’m waiting to see when will the yard  be able to haul me out. It seems that when a place is vacated in the yard I should be quick to take it. The least expensive place to take the boat out, Ao Po, will cost three times as much as Chalong yard. That’s a lot of money.

1.8.12 – Wednesday – No news in this case is not necessarily good news. The last few days became windy, sometimes gusting to 25 knots. I anchored quite a bit away from shore so the fetch is considerable and small waves are moving us around. A few days Ma Noon said; "Come next week" so I figured today answers that criterion and went to the yard to speak to him. If the motor catamaran "Decoy" will go into the water on the 6th he may be able to accommodate me.

If the wind is not too strong tomorrow, I may just sail over to Racha Noi, where I’ll be able to swim and relax.


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