Posted by: catamarantwooceans | August 8, 2012

By myself–part 3

5.8.12 – Sunday – I had a nice sail from Racha Yai to Au Chalong arriving at 1030. I took the dinghy to the boatyard to try and speak to Ma Noon about the hauling out business. As I got there the yard employees, Ma Noon included, were busy taking out a big Wharram Pahi design. A man called Noom (or Chris for foreigners) came over and told me that he was now in charge and that they have no space for me in the foreseeable future. He somehow connected this to the fact that I planned to employ Golf. I knew he was trying to establish a marine maintenance business so all this seemed very strange. Ma Noon joined us then and when I reminded him that he said I could go up once "Decoy" was in the water, he said "Decoy change". They promised that if a place becomes available they’ll call.

DECOY (verb) – "Lure or entice (a person or animal) away from an intended course, typically into a trap" (The new Oxford American dictionary)

Now that the boat is not going on the hard Gili will come over.

7.8.12 – Tuesday – I took a taxi to Phuket immigration office to extend my visa. I asked the driver whether he knew a place where I could change the batteries in my watch; there are two in Casio G-Shock which is my "boat watch". He took me to a shop the like I thought already disappeared from this world. The owner, single in the small shop, doing what he does for at least four decades – repair watches. He was a nice man and even thanked me for the opportunity I gave him to speak English.

P8060001 - Copy

I met nice people today – the laundry lady, the taxi driver, the immigrations officers and the man in the watch shop. I call this a nice day!

Tomorrow will be even nicer. Gili is coming.


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