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With Gili in SW Thailand

9.8.12 – Thursday – Gili came yesterday evening. After surveying the larder we made a new shopping list and after breakfast ( a lot of Thai fruit and cereal) we went ashore. Villa market has everything, a lot of it is imported and, of course very expensive. The market opposite it has all the fruit and veggies you need, I wouldn’t dare buy meat there, but the most important thing is it has SOUL.

We probably bought more than we’ll ever use but is was great fun. Once everything was in its proper place and the freezer overflowing, we raised the anchors and motored over to the "water tower". Once the tanks were filled we sailed south to my favorite bay – the one in Racha Noi. I did not lose hope regarding trolling. I just wanted to put the right lure; after some deep deliberations I decided to give a chance to a red and white Yuzuri. In all my cruising years I only caught fish with Rapala lures so I did not have great expectations. Lunch time came and went, Gili decided to take a nap in the cockpit and I was washing the dishes when Gili called out: "Mik, a fish!". I ran out with disbelief but the line was running out and when I put the friction lever to a higher level the rod bent; not a big one but finally a FISH! Reeled it in and it was a nice Mahi Mahi.

IMG_2535 - Copy

Now in all the years we’ve been sailing, Gili only saw pictures of it and never had the chance to eat it; Today will be the day!

Reaching the position of what I’ve come to think of as "my mooring" I saw that it underwent some changes. I had to dive and fix it. We went snorkeling and Gili was ecstatic, discovering a ray and then a big moray eel. This is exactly the kind of place we like.

Dinner menu: Sashimi for first course and then grilled Mahi Mahi on a bed of rice and frijoles, that’s Mexican black beans, with mango salsa. That was three star Michelin cooking!

10.8.12 – Friday – A relaxed day in Racha Noi. We tried snorkeling in other corners of the bay but found out that "ours is prettier" to quote a very old joke.

11.8.12 – Saturday – We are going in the same route I sailed with my friends xxxx ago; so at 0600 I started out, letting Gili sleep on. The day was incredibly calm, no wind, oily sea and a bit hazy so at times the horizon was not discernible and it was a bit like floating in space. As the sun came up, laying a golden carpet on the surface I could not resist and took a picture.

IMG_2543 - Copy

Gili slept on so long that I went to check her pulse; no, seeing her breathe was enough. She woke up at 0915 which surely deserve an Olympic medal.

Although I told her Koh Ha Yai was a beautiful place, she was overwhelmed by the dramatic cliffs and the multitude of sea-birds flying around. After taking a mooring and having a late lunch we went snorkeling. A long-tail fishing boat was tied to a mooring between the islands; as we swam near her we spotted six dead needle fish on the bottom. The only explanation could be that the fisherman had them in his net and just threw them away.

IMG_2549 - Copy

At 1630 we went into the water again, this time swimming through the pass in the middle of the floating island; looking down at the bottom we both strayed too much to the right and Gili hit her hand on a rock and cut it badly. Back to the boat for first aid, I had to rummage through the four different first aid kits I have on board until the right stuff was found.

IMG_2562 - Copy

                                              Bandaged Gili

12.8.12 – Sunday – We decided to go to Koh Ngai, with the intention of having dinner ashore and maybe do some shopping. A few minutes after  vacating our mooring I glanced back an saw a Catana catamaran hurriedly take it. Koh Ha Yai is one of the most beautiful anchorages I ‘ve ever been in.

IMG_2560 - Copy 

We are sure to stop there again on our way back north.

Right now we are at the Koh Hay resort, using their internet and restaurant.


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