Posted by: catamarantwooceans | September 4, 2012

Maintenance – part 2

4.9.12 – Tuesday – This is actually a summary of what happened in the last days. After all his tries to fix the fridge were unsuccessful, Quay concluded that we must replace the compressor; an expensive item at 14000 baht. We agreed that if this will not help, he will take it back and I will only pay for the electrical box he put in the system. Compressor installed and the fridge is operating flawlessly.

Tasker Sails maintain their position that they are cheaper than Quantum; having no alternative I will not quarrel with them and pay their price. I received quotes for fiberglass and paint work from a guy called Chan. He overbilled some of the items but I had a serious talk with him and we agreed on the price for labor and that I will supply the materials according to a list he will provide.

IMG_2690 - Copy

An upholstery man came to look at the mattresses and saloon settee, later giving such a ridiculous quote which is totally unacceptable. I’ll have to find another one. I also decided to give up the idea of a teak floor for the saloon; expensive and unsure about the contractor keeping the timetable. I see that the myth about Thailand being a place for inexpensive boat works is groundless.

At 1100 Two Oceans was taken out of the water by a tractor pulling a special cart on which the bridgedeck was supported and positioned on a hardstand.

IMG_2684 - Copy

IMG_2692 - Copy

Tomorrow I’ll start my journey for home, where I’ll stay for about 5 weeks.

Until then – Sawadee kap,



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