Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 23, 2012

Maintenance–part 3

The six weeks I spent at home passed quickly. A very sad thing was the passing away of Gili’s father; he was 93 years old and suffered a lot during most of his last year. Both of us feel that there is a paradox with modern medicine preserving and extending life, sometimes beyond the point it has any quality or meaning. I will always remember Eliezer the way I first saw him; A tall man, immaculately dressed, just retired from his senior job in the Haifa Refineries and active as a director on quite a few companies boards.

18.10.12 – Thursday – I’m back in Phuket and maintenance is number one on the agenda. Chan was supposed to prepare the hulls for painting and do some fiberglass work but only did part of the job. I knew that if I wanted to have things done I had to be on site; remote control does not work in Thailand. I am planning on at least three weeks of running after tradesmen and supervising their work before we would be able to start sailing.

19.10.12 – Friday – Chan appeared in the morning and led me to believe that his people were coming. He went away, nobody came and he never answered his phone. I walked to the village near the marina and rented a fairly new Toyota; I needed to be mobile, the marina is so far from everything. I discovered that the starting battery on the starboard engine was dead; I’ll buy a new one just before launching the boat.

I called C&C Marine , the local Yanmar agents and spoke to Craig detailing the things I wanted done. He said he was short of mechanics and the earliest he could send someone would be Wednesday. I decided to do some of the work myself, saving time and money. I dismantled the exhaust mixing elbows I wanted to have cleaned; It’ll be quicker if I brought them to his shop. Next I took out the starboard saltwater pump in order to check the impeller. By then the clock showed 1700, I was tired, dirty and sweaty. I postponed the port pump for tomorrow.

As the boat is on the hard it is not possible for me to cook, so I am taking most of my meals at the Happy Hut where the food is acceptable and cheap. Lunch and dinner every day will enable me to check all the items on the menu.

20.19.12 – Saturday – I took out the port saltwater pump and drove to C&C. Craig and all his mechanics were out but a girl called Mick, who seemed to be the one running the office, took my stuff and helped me buy all the parts I needed. Noticing that they had a machine shop I gave them the mast fitting to which the spinnaker pole is connected when used, the rings of which bent and needed to be straightened. Nok of Tasker Sails called to say that the jib was ready; I’ll go there next week.

Back in Ao Po I re-assembled the pumps and went for lunch. When I came back I was surprised and delighted to see a group of men and women working on "Two Oceans", cleaning the outside and topsides in preparation for polishing and waxing. I had to shut all the hatches so that water will not go in and work in the engine room with no ventilation. After putting the port pump back in place which took longer than I expected I needed a shower and a rest. Tomorrow is another (working) day.

21.10.12 – Sunday – First thing in the morning I put the starboard water pump in place. Somehow the approach to its location is easier than on the other engine and the work was finished in 20 minutes.

A few workers came back to do the topside polishing. They were led by a man named Lex and it took but a few minutes for me to understand that Chan has simply transferred the project to another man. Lex doesn’t really speak English and has the smiling Ah to interpret.

IMG_2694 - Copy

                                     Ah and Lex

22.10.12 – Monday – I worked a bit on the cockpit lockers, throwing away a lot of unnecessary stuff that had accumulated during the years. One of the lockers had a surprising amount of water inside and also a colony of ants! I finally threw away the B.B.Q monster that was never used and got terribly rusty inside. Good riddance!


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