Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 29, 2012

Finally in the water!

29.10.12 – Monday – The last week was mainly spent running after people working on the boat and others I wanted to do some work on the boat.One of them was Mr. Phe, the upholstery man, who is supposed to renew our mattresses. He seems to be a dependable character, a thing I cannot say about Mr. Lex, the painter. The actual painters were his crew; he was absent a large part of the time, so the task of supervising them and doing quality control, fell to me. I was not happy with the result.

When Lex did come, he tried to put new gel-coat with antiskid on a section of the front deck. I could see he was not very confident about the way to do it and gave my suggestions which he decided not to follow.

He had to grind away a few of his creations and today, minutes before the tractor started pushing us towards the ramp for re-launching, he was at it again. Instead of putting the gel-coat and then rolling a metal net over it, he had his crew hold the net until the gel-coat cured. When they tried taking the net out it took with it a lot of the gel-coat.

IMG_2699 - Copy

In the meantime the boat was lowered to the water. I started the starboard engine – all was well. The port engine – water did not come from the exhaust; I shut it down and proceeded to the fueling dock and later to my berth on one engine starting the port one just for a minute or two  to help me get into place. When I turned the key to stop it, the key broke in two, one part lodged in the key-hole. I succeeded taking it out. I sent Lex away; I’ll have Chan do the gel-coat thing.

I spent 90 minutes, sweating in the engine room, dismantling the cooling system and putting it back together again – still water did not come out of the exhaust. At 3 p.m Mr. Peh came to take some measurements he needed and after that I drove to Phuket to do some shopping. On the way I stopped at C&C marine, the Yanmar agents, bought a new key (570 baht, almost 20$!) and pleaded for a mechanic to come. Craig gave me a tip about a possible solution, I’ll try that tomorrow.

IMG_2703 - Copy

It was close to eight p.m when I came back to the boat, after wandering through the aisles of Tesco – Lotus, the huge supermarket. Had a talk with Gili on Skype and went to the marina’s restaurant. Just as the waitress brought my beer, I heard a strange noise. RAIN! It took me but a minute to remember that I left the saloon hatches open and shouting "I’ll be back" I ran to the boat and closed them. No damages! On the way back I took my umbrella although I was already completely wet.

The meal was good and after I finished, I started across the lawn to go back to the boat and found myself in the company of a four foot green snake, slithering across my path. A good reminder!



  1. Wow what a great blog,and I would love to have an adventure like this,do just sell everything except maybe the dog,buy a boat, find a good man and away we go.

    Thanks,I would love this,

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