Posted by: catamarantwooceans | December 13, 2012

Preparations to leave

12.12.12 – Wednesday – Sven Beer arrived yesterday evening as my new crew member. Sven was, as his name implies, born in Sweden, but has lived in Israel for most of his adult life. There, he recently retired from a professorship at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Life Sciences. His line of research is reflected in the title of the book that he is presently authoring: "Photosynthesis in the Marine Environment". He is also a sailor, and will be with me on this leg from Thailand, through the Andaman Islands and Sri Lanka, and up the Indian West Coast to Cochin.

IMG_2848 - Copy

The day was dedicated to preparations for the coming voyage; that meant shopping for food, in the market as well as in two of the big supermarkets in town. We also did the checking out procedure which went quite quickly and efficiently. We met a German skipper who just came from the Andamans and had horror stories about the bureaucracy over there.

IMG_3709 - Copy

We also put in place the water-pump Sven brought from Israel to replace the salt water pump that failed. In the evening we planned to go ashore for dinner and internet but a sudden squall with winds and heavy rain made us stay on board. I cooked pasta in tomato sauce with calamari bought in the market that very same morning and we had it with Cabernet- Merlot of – what else – Two Oceans vineyard.

13.12.12 – Thursday – That’s it, we are going! We filled water and started out with our first destination Nai Yang on the north west of Phuket. Tomorrow we’ll go to Koh Miang in the Similans, next to Similan itself, Surin and Andaman islands.

The sea was very calm, the wind came generally from the east following the terrain’s contours. We sailed and sometimes motored along the coast, had lunch on the way and reaching Nai Yang we practically tacked into the bay sailing up to the anchoring point.

After a dip to freshen up, we went into the starboard head to check the bilge pump and the float of the shower discharge pump which yesterday we discovered were not working. The electrical connections were wet and corroded; it seemed they were lying on the floor, sucking up the bilge water! We renewed them and after ascertaining that the pump were working we wanted to put the wires as high as we could and to do that we employed plastic water bottles which we cut to size and taped the wires to.

IMG_2849 - Copy 

Improvisations like this are are entertaining.

Hopefully we’ll find a WiFi on the beach and published this; otherwise the next post will come from the Andamans in more than a week.

Adios to all – Sven and Miki on Two Oceans.


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