Posted by: catamarantwooceans | January 20, 2013

In Galle, Sri Lanka

11.1.13 – Friday – In the morning we called port control, requesting to go into the harbor; they gave us instructions to wait by the entrance for the Navy. They came and two officers came aboard, checked the papers and allowed us to go inside, staying on board to show us in.

Yachts anchor and tie stern to a floating pontoon which is not connected to shore; you have to go with the dinghy to a corner to the south of it.

IMG_3013 - Copy

Our agent, Chatura Kudachchi, owner of Tango Shipping was waiting there with a few of his men and helped us fill the necessary forms.

. IMG_3011 - Copy 

He then took us to immigrations and customs where all the procedures were finished very quickly. We didn’t have to go to the harbor master; he did that.

Next we met Marlin, a man recommended to facilitate shore arrangements, like laundry and tours. He took us to his home and we sat down to plan our land tour, which was going to take three days.

IMG_3014 - Copy

                       Marlin and Family

He took us to a bank to use the ATM, then showed us the touristic Old Dutch Fort area and left us to walk around. On the way back to town we passed the fishermen’s harbor and it was interesting to see the traditional fishing Proas they use.

IMG_3045 - Copy

In town we visited the fruit and vegetable market, where the abundance of produce was displayed.

IMG_3051 - Copy

IMG_3052 - Copy

I love markets and this one was especially rich.

In the evening we gladly accepted Chatura’s invitation to come to his place and use his Wi-Fi, connecting to the web after a long time.Galle, pronounced GOL, is a place of good vibrations; the town is busy with commerce and people are friendly. We like it here! Tomorrow at 0700 Marlin will collect us from the harbor gate to go inland.


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