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Sailing the Maldives–the end

26.4.13 – Friday – Yesterday afternoon Ishay asked for my permission to try and fix the fridge. In Male three refrigeration technicians sat around it for three hours with NIL results, he found a bad connection in one of the wires going into the controller, renewed it and presto! we have a fridge!

Hanna’s flight was scheduled to take off at 1525 so we stayed put, snorkeling in our "house reef", reading and just relaxing. I put on my baker hat and baked bread and focaccia for lunch.

When at 1330 Muki took his wife to the airport (there is a dock there for motorboats coming from all over the atoll) we had a dolphin show,a big pod travelling at high speed to the south.

IMG_3417 - Copy

This was taken with a long lens and magnified further…

There was no wind and the heat was oppressive, so the moment Muki came back from the airport we motored out to go to our final destination in the Maldives – Gan in Addu atoll, 70 miles away.

Night fell and the full moon rose; we had our dinner and Muki started the first watch. At 2215 the Equator was quietly and unceremoniously traversed. A great number of dolphins joined the boat and there was a short period of rain.

27.4.13 – Saturday – My watch started at midnight. Dolphins made an appearance again and this time, as befitting the southern hemisphere, they were quite large. I took some pictures but only this one is worth looking at. Notice the phosphorescence near the mouth and eye.

IMG_3425 - Copy 

Ishay took the third watch and woke me up at 0600; We still had an hour and a half to go to the passes on the north of Addu. There are actually two passes; I succeeded mixing their coordinates but found my mistake in time and we entered the western pass around eight o’clock. Coordinates for the west pass, north to south: 0 36.655 S 73 08.260 E – 0 37.197 S 73 08.260 E – 0 37.305 S 73 08.305 E.

Once safely inside we started looking for the right place to anchor. Using Google Earth gave us the general direction and from the distance we saw two yachts anchored inside the basin by the causeway connecting Gan to Feydhoo.


We went in, minimum depth in the entrance was 2.1 meters at low tide and anchored near "Sara" a big monohull, using two anchors in tandem due to the proximity of the other boats.

Hussein Shuhraiz, the Antrac representative came by to take our papers. We hope to be able to finish all checkout procedures and shopping today and leave tomorrow for Chagos Archipelago.

20130427_100618 - Copy

                              Two Oceans in Gan

28.4.13 – Sunday – We needed to fill fuel and water and the most suitable place seemed to be the local harbor to our north; customs, however, demanded that we go to the "international" dock, a shabby looking concrete affair, with rusted steel and huge tires protruding from it.

P4270005 - Copy

The big fuel tanker came along and we filled our tanks to capacity plus 70 liters in jerry-cans. Then the water truck appeared and we topped our tanks.

עותק של IMG_3431

There will be no filling up until Rodrigues, approximately two and a half weeks from today. I will update our position on: "see my position on Google Earth" on the blog’s right hand side from time to time.

Now we are waiting for our passports and port clearance and the moment they are here we will leave for Chagos, 280 miles away.

Adios from Ishay, Muki and Miki on "Two Oceans"


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