Posted by: catamarantwooceans | June 4, 2013

Last days in Mauritius

The last days in Mauritius were spent doing maintenance jobs, dealing with Immigrations and going on a road trip.

On the maintenance front we had the broken alternator support fixed by a guy named Ivan; although not inexpensive he did a good, professional job. For anyone requiring an electrician in Port Louis his number is 7908456.

We tried to revive the chart plotter by checking all the connections but no success there. I’ll have to buy and install a new one.

Cleaning the boat can be a tedious affair; Muki and Ishay pitched in but for the galley and saloon I employed a Cathleen, who came with her daughter and did a splendid job. She will be happy to work on yachts’ her phone 7691203.

עותק של P5250003

Immigration had me running back and forth for two days. When a yacht skipper wants to fly out for a while there is a procedure he has to follow. He has to employ a skipper to be in charge of the boat when he is away and present all sort of documents as well as confirmed airline tickets out and in again. Having standby tickets as an airline retiree was not good enough and I had to buy full price one. I reported this to and a list of all one has to do appears there.

We took a taxi for the day and visited a few tourist attractions in the island. Mauritius has beautiful views, well worth visiting.

P5240023 - Copy

Muki and Ishay flew home on May 25th and I did one day later. Rashid, a talkative taxi driver who likes working for and is very helpful to yachties, took me to the airport . He welcomes every yacht coming to the island offering his services: laundry, fuel and gas delivery and of course his taxi service; his phone is 7081042.

I’ll be back on July 20th for the continuation of the voyage; "Two Oceans" will go on the Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, Mozambique and South Africa.

Until then – adios!  Miki


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