Posted by: catamarantwooceans | July 29, 2013

Back in Mauritius

23.7.13 – Tuesday – Last Saturday I flew into Mauritius and got back to the boat. The plan was to do a few maintenance projects, especially electrical ones like installing a new GPS plotter, bilge pumps and a nav light that was broken on the last voyage; another task – preparing the boat for Gilii’s arrival on Thursday.

Ivan, the electrician, came on Monday and started working. My job in the plotter project was adjusting the aperture in the instrument panel for the new unit, which is wider but shorter; so there will be cutting and plugging – not so easy, especially when no electrical tools can be used.

IMG_3517 - Copy

                                     New and Old

The new plotter is a Raymarine A 65; it has only one switch for power, all the functions are operated using the touch screen. In the evening I played with it a little bit and it seems to be much easier and friendlier to operate than my old R 425.

Rashid the taxi driver was quick to show up and helped me bring fuel to the boat, using his jerry-cans, very convenient.  He also showed me a nice restaurant, 10 minutes walk from the marina where one could have good basic food for very little money.

IMG_3519 - Copy


I met and had lunch with a few of the yachties in the marina:Eireen and Rolf on Ketoro, an Admiral 40 catamaran, Carla and Co on Lotus, Paul and Jill on Elevation and a young couple on a Manta 42 cat which name I did not see – Sarah and Chris. Sarah is six month into her pregnancy so they are in a bit of a hurry to reach South Africa A.S.A.P in order to go back to the U.S and have the baby.

24.7.13 – Wednesday – Work, work, work and some more shopping. The marina is right in the middle of the harbor and it can be very noisy with ship’s engines and generators disturbing the peace, especially during the night. I can’t wait to go out again!

25.7.13 – Thursday – Work, work, work! Ivan, who finished all his jobs the day before, came to have a picture of him with me taken for his Facebook page.


In the evening Rashid took me to the airport to pick Gili up. She was "on the road" for about twenty hours so when we came to the boat we had a sandwich, a beer and called it a day.

26.7.13 – Friday – We took Rashid to the embassy of Madagascar , which is some 10 km away from Port Louis; although one could get the visa on arrival it was recommended to have one beforehand, perhaps a safeguard against corrupt officials?

On the way back to town we stopped at the big "Shoprite" supermarket and completed our provisioning for at least the coming week. Then to the colorful big market, which is a joy to shop at; the abundance of fresh, good quality products made us want to buy more and more. 

עותק של IMG_3515

In the evening we went to Grande Baie and spent an evening with Ilan and Linda, whom I met when I first arrived here. Ilan, who worked in the diamond industry for many years in various places around the world, ended up in Mauritius, where he met Linda; lately he was called out of early retirement to set up and run a diamond processing facility.They helped me a lot when I had my immigrations complications before leaving and also invited me and my crew for dinner at their home one Friday.

They took us to a wine tasting event in their neighborhood and then with his young son and his wife we went to the "Beach House", a trendy restaurant, which is owned by the the man who has "Ingwe" the 46 foot Leopard cat we met in Cargados Carajos and alongside which "Two Oceans" was tied for most of the last two months.

Tomorrow we’ll leave the marina and sail a few days in Mauritius before leaving for Reunion.


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