Posted by: catamarantwooceans | October 14, 2013

In Richards Bay

11.10.13 – Friday – As I got settled in the Zululand Yacht Club, my plans were put in disarray. I met Jan, the man with whom I was in contact regarding my haul-out and to whom I transferred a nice sum to ascertain it would happen at the beginning of October. He came up with the information that the club made some changes and that he was no longer in charge of the boatyard. "Talk to Barry" he said.

I searched for and found the man. Barry let me understand that the job transition did not go smoothly and that he was not aware about the plans for "Two Oceans". He could only take her out on November the 18th. Initially it did not present a problem but then, when I started listing the jobs I needed done, things took a turn.

When I scraped the hulls in Mayotte I saw a sort of dent above the water line on the right side of the port hull; nothing seemed to be broken, either out or inside the hull but of course it should be repaired. When I described it to Barry, he thought it was delamination of the inner element of the sandwich construction. Later, going into the front of the hull on the inside and pressing the panel out, I could hear the cracking sound from within. That confirmed his diagnosis. A repair like that, he said, plus all the other things on the list, required a long time; he was speaking about TWO MONTHS on the hard. That put a strain on the timetable I spoke about with my prospective crew for the South Atlantic crossing, in which we made plans to reach Trinidad before March 3rd, the start of the Carnival. Barry promised to check the matter again; we’ll keep talking.

IMG_3941 - Copy

                            Barry Wheal

The restaurant of the yacht club has good food at very low prices; It didn’t make sense cooking on board. I made it a habit to go there every evening. On Monday I strode over and found out that the restaurant was closed; Monday night is Braai night, everybody brings their own food and drink and have fun in company. I was turning to leave but the club’s vice commodore held me, made me sit and put a plate in my hands. People around were so nice and welcoming; it was great fun. The moment they saw I had eaten enough, they allowed me to go back to "Two Oceans" to bring a bottle of wine, my humble contribution.

I actually got that Bordeaux Margot in Reunion from Jean Paul, a French Guy, alongside whose yacht we were tied there, after inviting him for drinks (Pastis will always tempt the French…) He gave us the bottle and told us to open it in South Africa so I was following his wish.

IMG_3556 - Copy

                                Jean Paul

Around the table were some yachties which I knew and some that I met for the first time. One of them, David (Dubi) Warshawsky, an American, when hearing that I was from Israel, said he was born there too but left back for the U.S as a child; he visited Israel many times and spoke the language fluently. It turned out he met Zulu and Miri, just before I joined them for the Capetown to Brazil trip. Having worked in underwater archaeological exploration in Caesarea, near where I live, he also knew Steve, who was my crew from Costa Rica to the Galapagos and is intending to join for the South Atlantic leg. A small world!

IMG_3945 - Copy

I gathered some intelligence about the Barry and everybody said he was trustworthy; I am going to put "Two Oceans" in his care. I spoke with him today, stressing the fact that I reserved the hardstand as early as the end of June; he decided to put me first on the list, so maybe next week "Two Oceans" will be taken out.

Friday evening was also "Braai" evening. The restaurant’s chef used the outdoors grill and a surprising number of people showed up.

IMG_3950 - Copy 

Tomorrow I fly back home, probably for about six weeks; I’ll be back just before the boat is ready to be painted.

Until then – Adios from Miki on "Two Oceans".


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